New City Cleaning Service

Making Space Simpler

Your Life is Complicated Enough

Between work meetings, your family’s events, the many details of your business, and the daily demands of living, you need to take something off your plate. A sink full of dishes and a messy bathroom just makes life more stressful. But imagine if you came home to a clean house. If your employees took their breaks in a relaxed space. If you didn’t have to spend even more time doing something you don’t need to be doing. Let us help you simplify.

Our Services

Residential Cleaning

We offer recurring residential cleanings to customers who need their homebase to be worry free. You can choose between weekly, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks options to set it and forget it. We’ll take care of your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, dust, and even do some light housekeeping and a few exterior windows. All done by a team of 3 to 4 professionals that will clean your entire home at a quick pace that will get you back on the go.

Office Cleaning

Here at New City, we understand that your place of business needs to look professional. Both for the first impression that your customers will have of your establishment, as well as for the productivity of your employees. Our experienced professionals will protect the investment you’ve made in your property and strengthen your organization’s image by making sure that it is maintained, tidy, and fresh.

Additional Services

It can be challenging to find an honest cleaner, who will do the job quickly, and continue to do it well over time. That’s why we set out to build a model that would solve the problem. Sending a team of cleaners who check each other’s work and continue to challenge one another to excellence allows you to get back to life quickly with peace of mind.

Why New City Cleaning Services?

We believe in space. Whether it’s the clients who visit your place of business, coming home at the end of a day of work, or needing an common space taken care for an HOA community, we are on it. Let us take care of the mess.

Fast and Efficient Cleaning Model

All employees are background checked

Average cleaning experience of 9 years

Hourly Pricing allows for flexibility of cleaning

Fully bonded, licensed, insured, and workers comp covered

Pet Friendly

Focus on what only you can do, let us take care of the cleaning.

We are looking forward to talking. We know that inviting other people into your space can be a big decision, contact us and we would be happy to talk to you some more about what the process could look like.